4 reasons why a Rastafarian church will bring you closer to God

Times are getting increasingly more demanding and our everyday lives could be described with the words ‘hectic’, ‘stressful’, and ‘challenging’. After a long day at work, it’s becoming a Bay Area pastime to visit one of the San Jose dispensaries and restock your stash of herb and finally unwind a little bit. But here’s a revolutionary thought – what if it could all be combined with a social circle in a church-like setting?


Rastafarian Cannabis church in San Jose will bring you closer to God


  1. A Rastafarian social circle of like-minded people

The Coachella Valley church is all about walking hand in hand with the teachings of God. We stand for every word written in the Bible, but we believe that the green goods bring us even closer to the heavenly wisdom. Not only do we offer more than the best dispensary in San Jose, but visitors from all around the world agree that this is one the friendliest places in Silicon Valley. Just like you, we’re nothing more than believers looking for peace and humility.

  1. No politics, just Love for God

We are not affiliated with any political parties or commercial institutions. We’re not a dispensary in San Jose, but a congregation bringing together people who love God and don’t mind lighting a little bit of herb every once in a while. Do you have unconditional love for God and his teachings?

Can you simply not pass up an opportunity to reach a higher ground, even if it’s just for the evening? Then Coachella Valley church in San Jose has plenty to offer both to lovers of the green as well as the worshipers of God.

  1. Music sung in his name

Setting ourselves apart from a recreational dispensary, Coachella Valley church is also the center of music and entertainment. It’s very family friendly as well, so you can always bring your kids over and to enjoy and even sing along. Is music too upbeat and tempo driven for your steady soul? Then why not take part in one of the sermons? After hearing the wisdom from God himself, we will join our hands together and pray for good fortune to come. After the formalities are over, come join us for a group chat. Since we’re included on the San Jose dispensary list, you can even stock up on cannabis sacrament along the way.

  1. We’re a community that listens

A dispensary in San Jose is not the frame that defines us. We’re an open organization of values, humility, prayer, laughter, and tears all combined. After all, people come here to unwind, speak a couple of words, but most importantly, they listen to each other and whatever’s on their mind. This is exactly how we’re different. While the whole world just talks and talks, we listen. Where the world places additional weight on your shoulders, we strive to take at least some of that away.

So what are you waiting for? Come and visit us to see what our Rastafarian church is all about! We’d love to meet you someday.