Best San Jose Dispensary

A home for the green, a vessel for the soul: come meet the members of our church in San Jose!

Apart from being rated as the best dispensary in San Jose, Coachella Valley is also one of the friendliest places to hang out with your brethren in faith. No matter your ethnic, religious, academic, or racial background or social status, you can rest assured the community will always welcome you with open arms.


The teachings of the Bible will show you the way to spiritual freedom

We are very much loyal to the spiritual lessons from the Holy Book, but unlike some other spiritual groups, our core philosophy does not revolve around the afterlife as much as it tends to focus on what we can do with our lives in the here and now. That’s why we’re also among the finest San Jose dispensaries; we harness the power of the green in order to make our everyday lives more relaxed and connected to God.


best dispensary in san jose


Life challenges us in different ways, so come tell us your story!

In the modern day and age, it’s hard to find someone to hear you out, someone to listen to what burdens your soul. At Coachella Valley, we don’t discriminate against anyone, so you’re very much welcome to pay us a visit, even if you don’t belong to any other religious groups. We’re also not affiliated with any political party or commercial organization, so there’s no propaganda here. Just a recreational dispensary San Jose, a spiritually-enlightened group of people with lots in common, and a sanctuary visited by those who desire to be understood.


All the sermons, chants, speaking events, and spiritual gatherings you can attend

Having a bit of a structure to one’s social life is all fine and well, as long as it’s kept in moderation. All of the events you can attend here share a similar purpose of leading you to your spiritual awakening. By attending some of the events organized by our humble church, you will recognize a new path from pain to purpose, even if it was concealed from your eyes up to this very point. Getting you to acknowledge there are multiple pathways that lead through life and that you are always the one with a choice, is one of the greatest accomplishments we can ever hope to call our own.


We are far more than your typical San Jose recreational dispensary

Although we are officially recognized as a dispensary in San Jose, we consider ourselves to be much more than that. We don’t have to preach to anyone, even though we do consider ourselves to be practicing a form of spiritual leadership. At the end of the day, helping someone find a way from the darkness and rejoin the path of the light is both an honor and our highest mission.



No matter what words we use to describe what we’re all about, you’re simply going to have to visit us and see for yourself why our church is frequented by many of those who are seeking something beyond the confines of our mortal being. While it’s the Christian values that bind us together, the sacred herb is what elevates us and helps us reach a higher ground.