Coachella Valley: a San Jose Rastafarian Church that brings together all the higher powers

Do you like Cannabis weed?

Can you confidently say that the connection you share with the powers from above and the teachings of the Bible is at least as strong as the bond your share with your loved ones?

Then come visit Coachella Valley church, better than San Jose dispensaries you’ll come across (and certainly the most unique one on the list).

Prayer? Check. Sermons? Got it. Music and festivals? Indeed!

Cannabis San Jose Rastafarian church


Many view us as the best dispensary in San Jose, but we’re actually a religious congregation. Without going on for too long, at our church, you’ll find all there is to find about God and his teachings, of which we’re constantly reminded through sermons conducted by our ordained ministers.

Then there are group prayer sessions everybody is welcome to participate in, just like what can be said for the rest of the activities we organize, and you can smoke all the herb you want or simply hang out with the rest of our friendly pack – whichever suits you best. What good is a San Jose dispensary without a church that can offer more?

Finally, there’s music and festivals, all in the name of God. Our music is designed to lift your spirits and allow you to reach places high above. And what better way to bring us closer to God than with a little bit of help from the green plant?

Our mission is spiritual healing

Our lives have become too hectic, impersonal, and cold. There’s simply no time left to sit down and meditate in peace, if only just for a little while. But if people come together, sit down, and chat together in a recreational dispensary like setting full of green goodies, spirituality, and love – suddenly, everything changes.

It’s through socializing, chanting, and group prayers that we are able to make a spiritual connection to the heavens above, and marijuana is the vehicle that makes things easier. We consider it a gift from God, and although any dispensary in San Jose can offer weed, we are devoted to spreading a special kind of love.

We will give you our guidance when the road before you seem to be gone.

What is troubling you? What trials lie ahead on your path? Come and share your thoughts – we will listen.

People love us and have rated us highly. We were even accidentally added on the San Jose dispensary list. This is because we strive to be much more than that; we do our best to formulate a community with common values and supportive tendencies. In other words, when the world turns its back on you, we won’t.

Whether it be through our sermons or a group conversation, you will start to see the light. Of that we are certain. The path before you may seem clouded, but the beloved green herb will clear up these clouds and once again establish a connection between where you are and where you should be – in other words, show you your true direction and purpose in life.

Do you think you could find a place among us? We would certainly like to welcome you with open arms and get to know the story of your life. Care to share it with us?