Discover a community tailored to those who love to light the green

Those who are seeking the light are welcome in our church. That being said, the Coachella Valley Church does not discriminate against anyone, nor are we affiliated with any particular political party or commercial institution. We are all children of God, and as such, everyone is accepted and treated on equal footing on these holy grounds.


Get the blessings of a community that follows the teachings of the Bible

No matter what your cultural, religious, ethnic, or academic background may be, we’re sure you’ll fit right in. Join us during one of our gatherings and experience the soul-pleasing hymns, chants, and Psalms to lift your hands and spirits. Apart from this, many consider us to be the best dispensary in San Jose.

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Much more than just a regular church

That’s right; we are also a San Jose dispensary. Here, you will find all the legally-approved marijuana products you can consume, whether it be the inhalable sort, the edibles, or the ones that are meant to be applied on you skin. We will also advise you on the best ones for you and their recommended usage. For example, many people underestimate the edible marijuana products and their potency; while most people tend to feel nothing in the beginning, the effects can deal a dramatic blow an hour or so after being consumed. Would the other San Jose dispensaries also be willing to go to such great lengths to care about your wellbeing?


A federally recognized Rastafarian community

In fact, we are one of the first Rastafarian churches officially recognized by the US government. If you are looking to join our open-minded and welcoming community, you are very welcome to do so at any time! You can find us in the San Francisco Bay Area, should you wish to stop by. If nothing else, you’ll be pleased to know that we are on the San Jose dispensary list, so you can always pick up some of the good old herb while you’re there.


Allow yourself some much-needed spiritual healing

Tired after a long day at work? Is someone stressing you out? Then treat yourself to a comforting session of spiritual healing that can only be experienced in our circles. We follow the teachings of the Christ, but unlike our spiritual brethren from other spiritual communities, our focus lies on the earthly joys and less so on the afterlife. But most importantly, we consider the green herb to be the God’s gift to humanity, supported by the San Jose recreational services we offer to our visitors.


Cure your ailments through the blessings of the green

Marijuana has been used as a cure for various ailments since the dawn of time. So embrace its healing properties, coupled with the sermons, speaking events, meditation, and prayer that can only be found in our church. Along with being a recreational dispensary San Jose, we are confident we can grant you access to one of the most open-minded spiritual community in the local area, the last you will ever need to become a part of.

So what are you waiting for? Coachella Valley Church awaits you to grace it with your presence!